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iPhone 8 battery bursts panic Apple


The explosion of the iPhone 8 Plus battery, which has been widely exposed by the media, has caused Apple's great attention. After the Note 7 incident, consumers have been extremely concerned about the safety of the battery, in addition to investigating the two accident machines in Japan and Taiwan. In addition, Apple also carried out greater investigations.

According to foreign reports from The Independent, Apple insider, etc., Apple insiders have raised the iPhone 8 battery pack to the highest level, and in order to completely prevent this incident from expanding its influence, Apple has expanded the scope of investigation to the old ones brought to the stores. The battery expansion of the model.

Of course, the above news has been confirmed by Apple. From Apple insider's field survey (Apple Retail Store in New York), there are currently no iPhone 8 or 8 Plus users who come to repair or change machines because of battery bulging.

In addition, the industry chain also hints that Apple is also analyzing the iPhone 8 battery bulge incident with the battery suppliers (upstream and downstream). If there is no problem with the batteries and the internal design, it is very likely that there was a problem with the packaging, but before it was Note 7 SDI, which supplies batteries, is also supplying the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus this year, and it is unclear as to how much it will take. 

In addition to investigating the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, the iPhone battery safety issue of the iPhone X is presumably also being repeatedly confirmed by Apple. After all, compared with Samsung, Apple's money tree is the iPhone, and it is a bit problematic.

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